CJ Rupert Juta, founder of TAO-SHUKOKAIRYU

T-S offers a complete lifestyle. It is a Budo, rather than a Bugei, system

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C.J. Rupert Juta, founder of the TAO-SHUKOKAIRYU style, was born in South Africa where he started his Martial Arts career in 1964 at the Renshuden dojo in Pietermaritzburg, started by Desmond Jurgen Botes when Des Botes was 3rd Dan and the first Chief Instructor of Shukokai SA. Besides karate they did Judo there, and some Goju Ryu, and a bit of Shotokan. That's where Rupert Juta met and trained under Shigeru Kimura.
"I was in Russia training at the University of Moscow when Kimura died. Two years later I was teaching foreign students T-S in Norwich (which went on for 11 years) from all over the world, and I worked there too. We had the hall and gardens in summer where we trained outdoors. We also taught in the Scout Hall, at home, and in some private houses. There were Tao-Shukokairyu lessons at Swardeston, Ipswich and Bell Hall Norwich. We held 2- 3 gasshkus per year, some years."
Rupert Juta is a university and schools coach and a Halls of Fame martial artist. He has been active for years in different countries, and knows what martial artists contend with in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields. He owns a Homeopathy, Psychology and QiGong practice, and is fascinated by the Taoist Arts. Eight active years in the commandos fueled his interest in hoplology (combative systems), and holistic systems. Out of these experiences grew intrigue with fine tuning the body, and understanding the disorders which impede martial performance. At present he is deeply involved in a 10 year+ study of how older people can develop totally new neural pathways, to overrule established ones. Muay Thai is the vehicle being used, with daily training, a world champion, and a medical doctor involved. T-S offers a complete lifestyle. It is a Budo, rather than a Bugei, system.
One of his students: "Rupert Juta is truly a lovely Taoist man. He embodies the Tao in every sense of the word. Constantly studing, refining, seeing what works, doing what works, going with the flow, effortlessly adjusting as necessary. Debbie and I have been lucky enough to have had the honour of his company and expertise on our journey of research. He has been an inspirational mentor, guide and also an expert instructor! And let me tell you, this man knows how to pack a WALLUP of a punch."